Saint Patrick Atrium (SPA)

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About SPA

Saint Patrick Atrium (SPA) is a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) Level 1 Atrium established in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) to support children of registered members of Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church (MHT), children of the Immaculate Conception Catholic School (ICCS), and children from the greater CSRA.  While immediately focused on the local parish (MHT and ICCS), this atrium is also an opportunity for further discipleship and evangelization. 

SPA Details: 2022-2023 

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Interested in Volunteering? 

We are looking for volunteers who are skilled in carpentry, painting, sewing, calligraphy, or sculpting clay figures to help make items for the atrium. If you have other skills you think could be helpful, let us know.  

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